The Pitfalls and Traps of Being the First to Implement DevOps in the Enterprise


18 July  2018 @ 11AM ET/ 4PM BST

Start-up technology companies are trendy, cool and are typically disruptive organisations; enterprises offer a dull comparison. With digital transformation and DevOps initiatives taking place, the world around us is changing.

Having experienced implementing DevOps and Digital practices across the private, public and financial sectors, Contino Consultant Sam Lloyd will explore:
  • Common mistakes made when working towards a Digital transformation
  • Changing peoples perspective when it comes to Enterprise I.T.
  • Engineering challenges of working in the Cloud
  • How to win the key battles when implementing these types of initiatives

You’ll come away from this talk with an idea of the challenges that you face when undertaking digital and DevOps transformation and the solutions necessary to avoid and overcome them.


About Sam Lloyd

Sam is a DevOps consultant at Contino. Sam has previously worked across large scale digital transformation as well as around the clock service delivery to provide a broad spectrum of skills throughout the expanse of enterprise. Having worked in outsourcing, he has experienced first hand the problems that face a range of businesses in the Public, Private and Financial Sectors. He is passionate about automation of integration and delivery practices and believes in changing business culture to create an enthusiastic business environment for innovation to thrive.