Why banks need the Docker Datacenter

Banks and financial services companies are facing the challenge of a complex, legacy interconnected application stack holding them back from innovating at speed.

We believe that the Docker Datacenter stack is a tool that will allow these organisations to solve this challenge by reducing time-to-market and driving huge efficiencies in their application estate.


Find out:

  • The complex, interconnected, legacy application stacks that make up modern banking platforms
  • The challenging environment of digital disruption that banks face, and the need to speed up software deployment cycles in response to this
  • Why containerisation, specifically implemented via the Docker Datacenter toolchain is a key tool in solving this problem
  • Specific challenges and situations within banking application delivery that the Docker Datacenter stack helps to overcome
  • Why banks need to develop a container strategy to drive successful production deployment of the Docker Datacenter
  • The key elements of a holistic container strategy